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About Assos

A Hidden gem

Private Villas in Assos, Kefalonia

Assos is one of the most picturesque villages in Kefalonia Island (or Cephalonia), Greece. Amphitheatrically built around the most photographed peninsula in all of the Ionian Islands and surrounded by verdant forests, Assos is the first to claim the title of the village with the most extraordinary, scenic beauty. The rich vegetation, full of pines and cypress trees, meets the indigo blue waters of the Ionian Sea, rendering Assos an idyllic setting for relaxing vacations. The village retains its basic original traditional Ionian architecture, combining it with a modern feel that will pleasantly surprise all visitors. Assos village is a natural home for friendly dolphins, often coming on the surface of the sea to salute their admirers and monk seals finding refuge into the dark sea caves. It is a beautiful harbor village blooming into a rural ambience. As such, Assos is one of the best places for a relaxing holiday either for families, couples or groups of friends.
Braunis Horio Villas offers a varied array of exquisite self catering, private villas in Assos with panoramic view to the graphic setting of the settlement and its dramatic surrounding landscapes. Amazing interiors, recently renovated, finished by charming verandas with private pools, lounging areas and barbeque facilities make up the crème de la crème of luxury villas in Kefalonia.

Sea View Villas in Assos Village

Near the Assos peninsula you will find beautiful beaches, many of them hidden, waiting anxiously to be found. The finest of them is the famous Myrtos beach, a trademark of the area. Fairly described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, its distinctive characteristic is the smooth white sand covering its coast. The path to Myrtos beach passes through lush green landscapes and towering cliffs that protect the beach from the wild insular wind. Thus, the area is ideal for calm family vacations and if you are looking for a family villa to rent in Cephalonia (Kefalonia), then Braunis Horio should be your first and only choice.
Apart from the beautiful white beaches, there is a strong Venetian presence dominating in Assos village: the castle of Assos, built in the late 15th century, was of a significant strategic importance and served as a stronghold of the Venetian army that protected inhabitants from pirate raids. Today, one can see remnants of the wall and other parts of the castle and of course the church of San Marco. Along with the castle of St. George, those two were the most important fortresses of the island and appointed Assos the capital of the north side of Kefalonia Island. One of the highlights of visiting Assos is the superb walks along the old Venetian paths that caress the rugged coastline of the peninsula, weaving their way outside the rustic houses. Braunis Horio villas all boast unobstructed views not only to the shimmering Ionian Sea but also to this amazing Venetian remnant indisputably making them the best Assos villas in Kefalonia.

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