Luxury Villas in Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia (or Cephalonia) Island in Greece, the most magnificent of the Ionian Islands, is the perfect place for memorable vacations in private villas idyllically designed for families, couples and groups of friends seeking for comfort and privacy. Braunis Horio villas provide the ultimate retreat for relaxing holidays in exclusive villas with private pools, nestled in the romantic and serene ambiance of Assos Village, in the north-western side of Kefalonia Island. These private villas are ideal for guests seeking for privacy and relaxation but that is not all to it; these luxury villas in Kefalonia are an accommodation spectrum that can be experienced from every possible angle, depending on one’s desires and needs.

Private accommodation in Kefalonia

The sea view villas of Braunis Horio are specifically designed to create a tranquil, private ambience while offering utmost comfort and independence for all kinds of needs and tastes. Guests seeking for luxury villas in Kefalonia will be amazed by the different villa options Braunis Horio provides, all drenched in unpretentious opulence and stylish atmosphere. Couples in search of honeymoon villas in Kefalonia will celebrate their love for one another in a truly romantic accommodation near Myrtos beach, endued with breath-taking sunsets and panoramic sea views. Families that look for spacious, self-catering villa rentals with proximity to a beach will fall in love with Braunis Horio amazing offerings. Groups of friends that need an airy, fully equipped holiday villa with separate, private spaces and common-living areas will find these Assos villas perfect fit in everything.
Braunis Horio villas certainly exceed all expectations!

Luxury holidays in Kefalonia

Braunis Horio ensures the ultimate in relaxation and privacy at some of the finest sea view villas on the island of Kefalonia. Featuring endless stunning sunsets and unobstructed panoramic views, these opulent villas will amaze guests with their unrivalled location on a hilltop in Assos village, just a breath away from Myrtos beach. Whether you are looking for a villa to rent for your family’s fun vacay, a private honeymoon villa to nestle your special getaway or just the crème de la crème of holidays villas for your luxury holidays in Kefalonia, you will be surprised to find that Braunis Horio villas offer the perfect combination of the above, and so much more…

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